Putting Patients First

When I receive a notification that a patient signs up for a study, I get excited. As head of Patient Success, I am privileged to be able to be a patient’s first point of contact and help be apart of their journey to joining a clinical study. On a daily basis, I get to know many different types of patients and build relationships with them. To me, building these relationships is invaluable.

At Leapcure, our mission is to not only refer patients to our studies, but to make sure that patients are able to get to their best outcome. In our line of work, patients can get lost in this process and don’t ever make it to research sites. Numerous factors contribute to this, but it is my role to ensure that these patients get the resources and attention they deserve to reach the best contact at research sites.

This level of trust is important to us. We believe in the voice of the patient in research. Patients drive these studies and it is vital that they aren’t neglected.

At Leapcure, we are trying to help change research and make sure that patients are heard.

If any patients or sites have any needs or questions, they can always reach me via email at khalid@leapcure.com.

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