Leapcure Partners With Scientist.com to Accelerate Patient Recruitment for Clinical Researchers

Worldwide Leader In Research Outsourcing To Empower Members With Turnkey Patient Recruitment Tools And Services

LOS ANGELES, CA – Aug 30, 2016 – Leapcure, the premier provider of patient engagement solutions for clinical trials and pharmaceutical research, today announced that they have teamed up with Scientist.com, the world’s largest marketplace for pharmaceutical services, to provide patient recruitment services for users of Scientist.com’s network of 10 pharmaceutical research marketplaces. The partnership will provide white-label, global clinical recruitment services using Leapcure’s smart patient engagement platform.

“The way organizations recruit and engage patients for clinical trials is changing, and Leapcure is empowering organizations with the tools they need to reach and retain the right patients,” said Zachary Gobst, chief executive officer of Leapcure. “By partnering with Scientist.com, we will allow their worldwide membership to connect with reliable patient recruitment services and technology with the same ease of transaction they have come to expect when they purchase other research services on the Scientist.com marketplace.”

Leapcure’s Adaptive Patient Screening Platform (APSP) recruits patients based on the study’s conditions, inclusion/exclusion criteria, location, and procedure. This allows better quality patients to sign up, reduces the recruitment process to days instead of months, and ensures patient retention throughout the trial.

“Traditional patient recruitment efforts are long, expensive, require significant resources, and don’t always yield the results wanted,” said Kevin Lustig PhD, chief executive officer of Scientist.com, “Leapcure, which will be available across our entire network of pharmaceutical marketplaces, allows users to optimize their patient recruitment and retention efforts while achieving significant operational efficiencies.”

Scientist.com’s single, standardized supplier agreement process makes it easy for thousands of CRO, pharmaceutical, and academic member organizations to make use of the new recruitment service offering, while Leapcure’s guaranteed speed in assessing and launching new projects will help researchers to stay on track and on timeline and prevent the delays that the industry is all too familiar with.

Current users of Scientist.com can request access to Leapcure’s Adaptive Patient Screening Platform by asking the research concierge.

To join Scientist.com, please visit http://www.scientist.com/

About Scientist.com

Scientist.com is the world’s largest scientific services marketplace. The marketplace simplifies research sourcing, saves time and money, and provides access to innovative technologies – while maintaining full compliance with an organization’s purchasing policies. Scientist.com clients include large and small pharmaceutical companies, government organizations, research universities, biotechnology companies and academic labs.

Visit http://www.scientist.com/ to learn more.

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About Leapcure

Leapcure is the fastest and most efficient way to recruit, engage, and retain patients for clinical trials. By combining the power of a machine learning recruitment and screening platform with the global reach of their nonprofit and support community partners, Leapcure cuts recruitment time and costs in half.

More about Leapcure can be found at https://leapcure.com/

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Media Contact
Company Name: Leapcure
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: partnerships@leapcure.com
Phone: (213) 973-2479
Address:418 Bamboo Lane, Suite A
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: leapcure.com

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