Leapcure Community Building in 2019

shutterstock_703504348 (1).jpg

For the past four years, Leapcure has focused on connecting existing patient advocacy groups to clinical research. Across our 3,000+ global partnerships with organizations like National Eczema Association and Together with ALS (Sweden), it’s been a key component of achieving our mission of improving the voice of the patient in clinical research. To this day Leapcure still continues to improve our connections with these advocacy groups and how we inform these patient communities.

What’s been increasingly helpful is to build new communities ourselves. With existing partnerships and social media tools, we’re able to help go beyond just connecting patient communities, but expand their voices from our own communities. It’s become a great addition to our advocacy partnership services – we improve our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of patient advocacy group leaders and be a further resource for them.

Leapcure is looking at community building in a more broad sense as well. Clinical Trial education, improved research feasibility, and deeper patient connections all help us fill important gaps in clinical research participation. Leapcure is committed to making sure that the patient perspective is fully understood in clinical research, and our innovations in community building will play a major role.

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