Feasibility for FREE

One of the best parts of leading Leapcure is that we’re still young enough to make a lot of our own rules. This is one of our favorite challenges to tackle as a team.

We’re adding a new rule today: Free Feasibility

Free feasibility work for clients is one way we can give researchers value and show them what we’re all about. We can demonstrate the breadth of our capabilities, and make a big impact on the patient experience.

As a patient-centric company, free feasibility can unlock the potential of empowered patient advocacy groups. As long as it’s properly balanced with our professional services, free feasibility can help the more patients long term.

In most cases, companies at our stage grow into becoming less value oriented and more focused on revenue driven strategies by year four. We’re different. Leapcure refuses to lose sight of our values – putting patients first. While free feasibility won’t be easy to scale, our entire team is willing to bet on our passion for patients and drive results for research long term.

As of today, Leapcure will work on up to three new feasibility projects per month. They’ll be at our discretion, and we’ll have careful criteria for prioritizing which projects we accept. We know this will help inform our clients of how powerful the voice of advocacy groups can be in furthering medical research, and enhancing the patient experience.

Feel free to reach out and learn more about how Leapcure feasibility can improve your research.

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