The Importance of Advocacy for Caregivers

Caring for a patient is a true commitment and one that often goes without recognition.  We talk a lot about amplifying the voices of patients in research, but an extension of the patient is the friend or family member that provides support.  Shouldn’t caregivers be given support as well? A lot of times caregivers may… Continue reading The Importance of Advocacy for Caregivers

Leapcure’s Advocacy Coffee Project

Patient Advocacy Group leaders are real heroes.  Some create a space for patients to process their journey, others create more awareness or fundraising.  Advocacy leaders are event planners, cheerleaders, meeting facilitators and sometimes even survivors themselves.  They sacrifice their time and energy for causes that they are fiercely passionate about. At Leapcure we’ve always worked… Continue reading Leapcure’s Advocacy Coffee Project

The Future of Patient Centered Clinical Trials

We seem to be entering a new phase of our world as we start the process of returning to normalcy from COVID-19 and enter an uncertain geopolitical future with the current conflict in Ukraine. One thing that is for certain is that healthcare (the way we know it) is rapidly evolving and advancing. Who could… Continue reading The Future of Patient Centered Clinical Trials