Leapcure Core Values Series: Difficult Truths

Honesty and transparency between teams can really be the key difference between progress and status quo. 

One of our core values is therefore “difficult truths”, which leads us to that honest and transparent place where the real crux of issues can be uncovered, and solved. 

Without “difficult truths”, the full and real picture would not be painted.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Being able to share a difficult truth with a team or individual requires you to get comfortable – it’s not an automatic life skill that we all learn. It takes some practice and a safe space in which you know this truth will be received in an open way. 

Nurturing a trusting culture continues to be a really important part of how we enable these difficult truths between us; sharing and receiving more difficult information/feedback is a positive and more comfortable dynamic in a team that trusts each other to speak from a well-meaning place. 

How does this look day to day at Leapcure? This week, for example, members of our Patient Success Team spoke up on a call on how our approach to some stakeholder partnerships had some gaps and done in a different way it would make them more reciprocal/richer in the long term. With this honesty from their on-the-ground experience, we were able to come up with creative solutions as a team, to improve what we do. The courage it takes to proactively speak to some of the gaps was something we celebrated. 

There is little difference between how we approach this externally with our partners. Building that trust and understanding between organizational teams is the first place we start. This takes us to an authentic place more quickly, allowing space for those constructive conversations that impede progress. The “difficult truths” conversation is actually one of the first we have with potential partners – the two-way, honest feedback loop is something we need in partnerships to deliver the best results for them, and for patients. 

There is an art to delivering a “difficult truth” – it takes tact, empathy, and a real commitment to the impact you are trying to collaboratively make. As a team who cares about changing patient lives, we’re gifted with colleagues who have these traits, making honest, creative, and progressive conversations a part of our everyday fabric.

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