Leapcure Core Values Series: Gravity

Gravity may be defined as the force that holds us to Earth and makes us feel weightless on the Moon. However, Gravity for Leapcure is one of our core values. It is an integral part of our business, that just like the force, keeps us grounded to the present-day realities and struggles of patients suffering from different conditions.

This leads Leapcure to focus specifically on how our actions affect patient lives and making sure that patient quality of life is improving with every interaction and action we take. This does not just apply to our work with patients, but our interactions with everyone that we work with, whether it is a clinical trial sponsor or a clinical research coordinator at a site. 

What does gravity represent at Leapcure? It is the acceptance of the difficulties affecting all the stakeholders involved in clinical research, especially patients, and working with each of our stakeholders through these challenges. It’s the acknowledgment that everybody is coming from different places and therefore, we need to value and respect each other to contribute positively to making an impact on people’s lives. 

Examples of Leapcure team members showing gravity:

“One of our Patient Success coordinators spoke with and determined that a patient was eligible and interested in participating in a study. This patient is sent to the closest clinical trial site which is still hours away from the site. Once the patient was sent to the site, the Leapcure Patient Success Coordinator supported the patient in getting connected with the site, checking up on them, and helping straighten out any travel logistics concerns. This led to the patient being properly screened and enrolled in the study.”

“As part of our advocacy work, Leapcure seeks to amplify the stories and voices of leaders who perform tireless work, often behind the scenes. We do this by promoting conversations with these leaders where they can share their stories and create awareness for their conditions on social media. This campaign has led to amazing conversations that can provide critical information to support research.”

To us, gravity is simple. It is the recognition that the focus of our work and our mission to amplify the patient voice through patient advocacy groups and direct patient interactions are to improve quality of life for all patients. This allows us to understand the value and meaning of our work and strive for better patient outcomes in clinical research.

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