Announcing Leapcure’s Mission and Vision

Our Mission: 

Impactful medical breakthroughs for everyone, with everyone.

Our Vision: 

Leapcure is a global team of thought leaders who elevate patient interactions to progress research for all. We do this with a purposeful, brave culture that deeply connects to each of our personal values.

Through innovative technology and empathetic conversations, our impact is limitless.

For over six years, Leapcure has been focused on taking on the ambitious challenge of helping connect patient communities and researchers to speed up medical breakthroughs. Over this time, we’ve learned a lot about our space, and a lot about ourselves. We’ve learned what’s important to us about our work. 

The new mission and vision came together with the help of the Leapcure leadership team over the past few months. When we thought about what’s most impactful in the work that we do inwardly and outwardly, these became clear. We realized that the work we do to build trusted relationships with everyone to align on research isn’t just our process, it’s our purpose. 

From here the work of scaling our impact is next. We’re encouraged by years of research already saved, quality years of people’s lives already added, and a team that’s aligned on this common focus. With that said, we’re taking on a challenging path. We’re going to need to work through a lot of obstacles that exist in our industry to make our mission and vision a reality. We believe that this clarity of direction will help us take a more direct path to improving health for all.

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