Putting ourselves in patient’s shoes – an evolving process

Despite extensive experience in clinical research and our growing patient advocacy group network, we’re far from where we want to be with putting ourselves in the shoes of patients. Absolute patient empathy is an evolving process, and we’re determined to push the learning curve as far forward as we can every day. At a recent… Continue reading Putting ourselves in patient’s shoes – an evolving process

Running a patient powered business

At Leapcure, we are a patient powered business. The value we deliver to patients and feedback loop we receive from patients is what makes our technology and our operation possible. Patient engagement is the core of our business, it’s often interesting, sometimes humbling, and always deeply satisfying. We’ve come to embrace an evolved approach to make… Continue reading Running a patient powered business

Outcome based pricing & precision medicine

At LeapCure, we’re not strangers to outcome based pricing. We prefer to share the risk of patient recruitment and patient retention outcomes with any of our researcher site clients, CRO clients or biotech clinical operations clients. Sharing risk forces us to be better problem solvers and also helps us build more useful technology. So when we read about considerations… Continue reading Outcome based pricing & precision medicine