From begrudged necessity to the whole point of what we do – A Patient Success Story

While it wasn’t my best opinion in hindsight, I was originally apprehensive about hiring additional Leapcure staff to follow up with referrals for the purpose of connecting them with research sites. The truth was, and I thought it could be a temporary thing for the stage of our business, was that we needed better information on what was leading to successful outcomes for patients and sites. I saw it as a tough pill to swallow, no pun intended, when I realized Leapcure’s standalone product might depend on the secondary patient follow-up to better assess how to make things work. At the time, I was straight-up disappointed that the product couldn’t do more. It felt like the ability to scale impact with reduced complexity at Leapcure was hindered by the approach. Fast forward to today and I was sure wrong. I realized that patient success is more than a data quality process and I was entirely focused on the wrong impact.

The extra effort to understand referrals and sites needs more deeply is what we now call Patient Success at Leapcure. Originally designed to help us simply figure out how to make our product better, we’ve learned over time that it’s an opportunity to make the world better and that the product should support it. The most helpful patient stories come from a place of trust and values alignment. As easy, low friction, timely, user friendly as our product can be, we were always limited in our old model. Every time we’re able to give an empowered space to patients and researchers to share their experiences and what they’re looking for from clinical trials, we’re able to impact. Today, this is what drives us, to unlock impactful interactions, interpersonally, in order to discover how we can run better research faster. Our continuous improvement roadmap is no longer just a list of product features but includes how we anchor into what connects us to other people and come up with innovative ways to give people the right space to share their needs. Coincidentally, at a project level, we’ve gone from ~15% of the enrollments on our studies to 50-70% on the majority of our studies (this is a case by case process for a long list of reasons) – mostly from learning how to better connect with people.

The Patient Success Story goes further though. This past week, Leapcure’s leadership team spent time together discussing what they want for our future as a business. As we talked about a few topics such as furthering our differentiation in the space, ambitious goals for the next three years, and more, we had an aha moment related to Patient Success. Enabling faster and better clinical trials is our “why”, but the work we’ve been doing to have impactful patient interactions has emerged as our “how”. Advocacy and researcher interactions are big part of this too, but Patient Success has by far the largest footprint for us.  These interactions (of which we have thousands weekly) are what leads our industry further into solving their most difficult challenges such as meeting timelines, identifying patients that will benefit, engaging sites, and building trust with diverse communities in the process, and inclusive protocol design. We’re accomplishing each of these driven by impactful interactions and what’s most exciting is that the patient success story continues.

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