Reflections from Nisha Narang, Patient Success Contractor from Australia, on working in clinical research

Describe your background working in clinical research

I started working in clinical research in 2005, and took a break from it from 2014 to 2021 to give time to myself and my family. I realized that I really enjoy the dynamics of working in clinical research, so I returned to it in 2021. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with clinical research organizations, sites, teaching institutions and site management organizations in different countries. This has given me a broader perspective on how the clinical research industry works globally, how different stakeholders of the industry function and what we can do better collectively. My passion is creating and implementing efficient operational and quality management processes as per national and international regulatory requirements.

What interests you about clinical trials?

There are so many different aspects of clinical trials that interest me. One of the things that interest me about clinical trials is the potential to help contribute to medical knowledge and improve treatments for patients. Clinical trials are constantly changing and evolving to better suit the needs of the patients, so there is always room for new knowledge and innovation. I also find it interesting to see how different treatments work in different populations and learn more about the effect that various diseases have on different communities. This can help us develop better treatments for everyone.

What have you enjoyed about working with Leapcure?

I have worked as a contractor with Leapcure for more than a year now and there are numerous things that I have enjoyed about working at Leapcure. One of the primary reasons I enjoy working here is because of the company’s focus on values. I enjoy seeing that the values are expressed in company procedures, and all employees are encouraged to act with integrity and do what is best for the patients always. This focus on values makes Leapcure a great place to work, as it encourages a culture of trust and respect. Additionally, the company has a very flat structure, which encourages open and transparent communication throughout the organization. This also contributes to a positive work environment. Finally, Leapcure is completely remote, allowing for flexible work. This provides opportunities to people like me to continue doing what they love doing and a way that they can find a perfect work life balance that is unique to them. Overall, it’s fun working with Leapcure.

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