Patient Success Centered by Gravity 

From a physics perspective, gravity is a universal force of attraction that speaks to how bodies of mass interact. But from a Leapcure perspective, it’s the reason we wake up every morning. 

Behind every team brainstorm, coffee meeting, and Slack message, there’s an understanding that our collective efforts go far beyond day-to-day business successes. Each day, we are actively in pursuit of improving the quality of life for patients around the world. Our concierge approach to clinical trial recruitment ensures that every single patient is contacted directly by one of our Patient Success Coordinators. And as one of our core values, gravity describes the weight of every call, text, or email.

Our Patient Success Team plays an integral role in our process to connect patients with clinical trial opportunities. They serve as liaisons between patients, clinical sites, and trial sponsors, dedicated to amplifying patient voices so that clinical research is not only patient-centric, but patient informed. In order to do this successfully, a high degree of emotional intelligence is required from each coordinator.

There’s evidence that a physician’s propensity to illustrate emotional intelligence directly impacts patient outcomes. It’s our hope that we can positively contribute to patients’ healthcare journeys through interactions with our Patient Success Team. Our coordinators take care to ensure patients always have an empathetic ear on the other end of the line, tactfully navigating heavy conversations that so often come along with difficult diagnoses. 

Having a rare disease or chronic illness can be an incredibly isolating experience, and our Patient Success Coordinators take the time to meet patients where they are, provide them the space to speak candidly and offer a hand to hold as they explore their options. 

At the end of the day, the gravity of Leapcure’s commitment to understanding the patient experience comes in the form of more equitable research, which allows for the opportunity to legitimately improve patient lives. And that’s something we’ll never take for granted. 

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