Making the Unpredictable More Predictable in Patient Recruitment

In clinical trial recruitment, there is often an ‘elephant in the room’; unpredictability.

A critical part of what we do is to therefore make the unpredictable more predictable for our clients- they trust us to take the reins with this. 

We uncover the risks that are approaching- even multiple years ahead. How are we able to do this? It’s in large part due to our model, which is a wheel of continuous listening, learning, analyzing, and adjusting. For our clients that are juggling endless priorities daily, this is a really important piece of our collaboration with them. 

The listening element of this wheel is the crucial piece, taking numerous different voices and experiences into account. 

We hear advocates when they tell us about their patient communities. 

We hear patients when they want to share their daily experiences. 

We hear clinical trial sites when they express concerns about their capacity on a given day. 

We hear our Pharma partners when they share the changing blockers to their timelines. 

These conversations – combined with our digital data and industry expertise – paint a well-rounded picture that allows us to predict and mitigate. 

As the insights from our conversations are the difference maker, we’ve committed to having 500,000 conversations in the next three years, to equip ourselves and our Pharma partners with the insights needed to increase predictability. 

Our goal? making research a success for global patient communities.  
Reach out to us at to learn more about our work reducing the recruitment burden for Pharma leaders.

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