Meet the Team: Piumi Yaggahahewage

Who Is Piumi Yaggahahewage? 

I was born in a quaint beach town on the island of Sri Lanka and raised in the suburbs of sunny Los Angeles. As I grew up, I developed an interest in working with people and providing support, specifically in the health field. I majored in Psychology at UC Berkeley and discovered my interest in research and the mental health space. I learned the impact that mental health can have on an individual’s physical capacity. In turn, a massive part of my work at university involved working with patients to reduce the social determinants of their health.

During my time as a college student, I volunteered at the hospital as a health advocate, where I worked directly with patients to reduce the social determinants of their health. Now you may ask, what does that exactly look like? It means working with people coming from different backgrounds to reduce social determinants such as lack of access to healthcare or housing, food insecurity, and many other social barriers that can prevent one from living a healthy and fulfilling life. More than that, it is advocating for the patient. 

What made you decide to join the Leapcure team?

When I learned about Leapcure and the impact it has on patients around the globe, I was immediately intrigued by the emphasis on illuminating patient communities. A massive part of my passion comes from supporting patients, learning from them, and connecting them towards resources that will help them in their health journeys. And Leapcure was just that and more. Being a member of the Leapcure team has been a welcoming experience, with teammates ready to support whenever needed. The Leapcure team culture and values are embedded in the work we do and reflected in our outcomes.  

What kind of work do you do at Leapcure?

As a Patient Success Coordinator, my biggest responsibility is supporting and listening to patients. Practicing cultural humility is a large component that I try to encompass every day at work. What that means is keeping an open mind, learning, and empathizing with patients in order to empower diverse patient communities to participate in clinical trials. Being the liaison between the patient and the research team has been just as empowering for me, if not more. 

How does your work fit into Leapcure’s mission and goals?

Patient Success is a fundamental component of Leapcure; it provides the basis for patient advocacy. To us, it is engaging patients to take a leap towards their health. As we all come together, our mission is to advocate for our patients while upholding our core values. And in turn, patient stories will continue to magnify and power research at an astronomical level. 

The Leapcure team is passionate about our work. To join Piumi Yaggahahewage on the Leapcure team, visit our career page.

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