Leapcure’s New Awareness Services Offering

Hi everyone! Leapcure has added new Patient Awareness Services. As we continue to improve our service offering, we came to realize that there are patient communities that we are excluding entirely by waiting for initiation visits to begin outreach. By utilizing awareness campaigns for 6-9 months prior to open enrollment, we not only educate patient communities about your study, but we give many of them the time to evaluate their level of comfort with participating in your specific study. Pre-registering patients essentially expand the pool of interested participants, and saves significant cost due to having a longer time horizon before enrollment closes. The service also allows for researchers to grasp where their patient communities are going to be most interested, what facets of the clinical design prohibit interest, and how to budget and forecast for each individual campaign channel with accuracy.  Reach out to us for more information on our new offerings at research@leapcure.com.

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