Leapcure’s New Awareness Services Offering

Hi everyone! Leapcure has added new Patient Awareness Services. As we continue to improve our service offering, we came to realize that there are patient communities that we are excluding entirely by waiting for initiation visits to begin outreach. By utilizing awareness campaigns for 6-9 months prior to open enrollment, we not only educate patient… Continue reading Leapcure’s New Awareness Services Offering

Site Coordinator Continuing Education Info

By Hope Horton, Site Engagement Manager For those of you who need to get continuing (medical) education (CME/CE) for your licensure, there are many ways to go about it.  Different states have varying requirements. For example, under California law, physicians must complete 50 hours and nurses 30 hours during each bienniel renewal cycle.  Many other… Continue reading Site Coordinator Continuing Education Info