Leapcure Core Values Series: Trust

Trust is the foundation for success in so many areas of life. It’s no different for companies – in fact, it’s one of the most important things to instill. Teams are built, created, and molded to work towards the same mission, and it takes a whole lot of trust for that dynamic to evolve and maintain. 

In supporting research, advocacy, and patients, we have a lot of different factors that interplay – and a lot of team members with different skills and areas of focus. We’re lucky to have a strong head start on building the trust between us – we are all driven by an authentic belief in the mission and patients we are working for. 

How does this look day to day at Leapcure? This week, for example, we needed to shift team members multiple times across our different studies to better support patients and work with sites. The Leapcure Patient Success Coordinators trusted their team and were adaptable to the shifts in their day-to-day tasks, knowing that their efforts were supporting the overall mission of supporting patients across all of our different studies. 

Separate from trusting in each other we also have to be a trusted entity as a whole, especially because we’re in a position to be able to support patient communities – health is such a sensitive and personal thing to everyone. We must really live our trust value to ensure patients feel supported and comfortable to come on the clinical trial exploration journey with us.

Being a trusted entity is also critical when it comes to our Pharma partners, who entrust us to make their important research a success. We understand the gravity of facilitating the journey new science takes from first ideation, through to patient communities. The initial trust needed to be brought on as partners need to be there, but it is also something that must continue to be nurtured through the partnership. 

None of our values are standalone though. Trust connects to difficult truths, which connects to gravity, appreciation, and curiosity. Building a culture where these are intrinsic takes everyday work, which is something we’ll continue to fight for as we work towards our joint mission to make impactful medical breakthroughs for everyone, with everyone. 

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