Leapcure Core Values Series: Appreciation

Many of us have things that we appreciate. It can be objects or people that make our lives easier or give us joy. What we truly appreciate about these interactions is not the action specifically, but the outcome of the action on our overall well being and life. This is the key to how the value is applied at Leapcure.

In this sense, appreciation is more than just performing activities within our team that uplift the team members. It is doing so with intention and commitment to the broader goals of our company and the stakeholders we serve. It is also doing so by expanding beyond your day-to-day responsibilities and what your role is within the company.

Examples of Appreciation within Leapcure can vary, but their overall impact on our team is what matters. An example of Patient Success Coordinators supporting testing of a new feature on our platform to help the Engineering team with the rollout of the feature showcases these points. It demonstrates how our team regularly jumps in to help each other solve problems. This helps move our company forward and aligns us with our overall strategic goals.

These examples are also not limited to the internal team. We show appreciation to our external partners by helping them with their strategic objectives in ways that go above and beyond our contract. For example, we work with certain advocacy leaders to uplift their voice and support their initiatives and events through publicity, newsletters and more. These efforts allow us to build reciprocal relationships that are based on trust and rooted in serving one another.

Appreciation is more than just seeing the benefit and quality of an item or person. It is investing our collective energies and skills together to address the greatest challenges we face as a team and as a company.

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