Leapcure Core Values Series: Curiosity

With curiosity comes information and understanding, which are key to making positive change. So at Leapcure, curiosity is a core value that we practice every day across all of our conversations. We’re fortunate enough to be able to bring together so many different groups, individuals and stakeholders to help advance research- this position allows us to learn from so many different vantage points. 

We ask questions, and listen to the answer. We then ask ourselves how what we heard connects to the conversation we had this morning, one month ago, and one year ago. By spotting the patterns, collating the insights and painting the overall picture, we can use it as a foundation for change. 

This isn’t just important in our conversations outside of Leapcure though – it’s just as critical internally. Staying curious with each other helps us to continuously evolve what we do, in new and better ways, and protects us from just checking boxes and being comfortable with the status quo. This is a big part of why our clients enjoy working with us, and why we’re able to help them reach success and achieve their vision.

Leapcure example: 

One example of curiosity being exhibited amongst our team was when our Patient Success Coordinators shared that patients were declining participation in a clinical trial due to the driving distance to the nearest site, and came to the team with questions about how we could solve this for them/for the study. These insights came from approaching patient conversations with curiosity. Leapcure was able to advocate for alleviating this barrier for patients, leading to incorporation of a travel concierge service for patients to use in the clinical trial process. This made an impact on our patients, clients, and allowed Leapcure to better support the study through recruitment, and it would not have been possible without exploring challenges with curiosity.

Curiosity is a central part of our vision to have 500,000 impactful conversations by 2025. There is so much more to an impactful conversation, such as thoughtfulness and gravity, but curiosity for us is the place where all important conversations can be seeded.

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