The Growing Burden Study Timelines for Our Pharma Partners: How We Spot the Red Flags and Problem-Solve in Real-Time

In our previous blog post, we talked about the impact of clinical trial timeline delays on patient communities and our Pharma partners. 

Today we’re covering some of the main delay red flags, and how we problem-solve to protect our clients from facing study delays – typically saving 6-12 months per study.

First: what causes timeline delays? Our Pharma partners commonly face the following challenges (among many others!):

  • Site initiation delays
  • Complex protocols 
  • Protocol amendments
  • Approval delays
  • Commercial barriers
  • Slower than expected recruitment  
  • Patient retention
  • Bringing on vendors too late

Each of these speed bumps needs a different type of solution to overcome it. Even better, a preventative plan that stops the speed bump from developing in the first place – we spot timeline red flags before they happen.

How do we do it? Well, we’re proactive from the very first conversation, even before our official partnership has kicked off. To protect timelines, we also use:

  • Data science and machine learning
    • Spot the trends and move quickly!
  • Tailored solutions
    • There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for any study
  • Flexible solutions
    • Next week’s solution might need to be different to this week
  • Insights and community listening
    • Our advocacy, physician, and patient relationships guide us from their expert positions
  • Site management and site engagement skills
    • Nurturing these relationships prevents site disengagement blockers and facilitates a long-term relationship between sites and our Pharma partners
  • Getting ahead on understanding the regulatory landscape for specific protocols
    • Our global relationship networks provide expert insights and introductions that help you get ahead on timelines regionally 

We love the creative problem-solving it takes to keep studies on track. Clinops leaders: ask us about how we can protect your studies from delays by sending a quick message to

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