The Growing Study Timelines Burden for Our Pharma Partners: What Is the Real Impact?

For our Pharma partners, keeping research timelines on track is just one of countless important items they have to balance. It’s not an industry secret that between 30-80% of clinical trials suffer delays, which impacts research and patients in a number of ways. The knock-on effects cause potential new treatments to take longer to reach the patient communities who need them. 

These delays also create complications and burdens for our Pharma partners. Part of why our clients value working with us is because we understand these burdens (and how to mitigate them, which we’ll cover later in this blog series). They include:

  • Rising costs of running the study
  • Trials being stopped entirely – a loss for promising drugs and learnings for future studies
  • Pressure on Pharma leaders 
  • Site engagement on the ground- affecting both current study commitment and long-term relationships with sites
  • Long-term drug profitability
  • Long-term PI engagement as other studies emerge

As a team, we are driven to not only protect studies from delays but actually save time wherever possible. We call this “Research Years Saved”. The more time we can save on a study, the more options we help bring to patients, and the more burden we are lifting from Pharma leaders.

We proudly save 6-12 months of delays on most studies we work on; a number that continues to rise in a space where timelines are unfortunately getting longer – not shorter. 

Look out for the next two blogs in our series about research timelines, where we’ll take a look at our tips and tricks for staying on track, the root causes of delays, and spotting the deadline red flags along the way.

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