2022 at Leapcure: Reflections from Leadership

If I were to summarize 2022 at Leapcure, it would be the year of building foundations that support our growth. This year, our team:

  1. Established our mission statement which became the guiding light in our work to make medical breakthroughs “for everyone, with everyone” 

This mission solidifies what we have believed for years; that clinical research must focus on incorporating diverse patient voices that allows for the development of novel therapies that serve everyone.

  1. Developed our new vision statement for what kind of team we want to put together and how our values (both personal and company) will guide the decisions that we make

We have grown our team to include members from every continent (except Antarctica) . What unites our team is a shared commitment to Leapcure’s mission and living our company values of Curiosity, Trust, Gravity, Appreciation and Difficult Truths every day. 

  1. Formed new client partnerships that allowed us to build trust, demonstrate value and support the development of novel potential treatments for many rare and prevalent conditions, including large scale vaccine and COVID-19 studies.

Our purpose is to make every client we work with successful with customized patient recruitment offerings that suit their needs, and work with their current process and stakeholders. As a result, we continued to help clients achieve and beat enrollment targets on multiple studies, speeding up their timelines for drug approvals.

  1. Nurtured our connections with advocacy groups, sites and patients

By continuously uplifting voices of patients, advocacy organizations and clinical research sites, we ensured their participation and inclusion in the research process, helping to deliver research that equitably includes a more diverse population of patients. 

In 2023, our goal is to build on these foundations and continue to deliver exceptional service and results for patients, pharma, research sites, and advocacy groups, making a limitless impact!

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