The Deeper Impact of Advocacy-Pharma Partnerships in Research, for Pharma Leaders

In recent years, the role of advocacy groups in the research space has continued to grow. Benefits for patients, research progress, and advocacy groups themselves, are now widely recognized.

Pharma-Advocacy partnerships in clinical research affect much more than what we see. Picture the well-known “iceberg image”. The tip of the iceberg has some of the main positive impacts, but there is so much more happening under the surface. This is how we see the impact of advocacy group partnerships in research.

The most recognized benefits often include:

  • More patient recruitment channels, meeting the most interested patients where they are. People in advocacy communities are often looking for alternative options. They also tend to be more trusting of the research world.
  • Advocacy insights that guide study design and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). Patients and their advocates are experts in their conditions. Even better, they are ready to share insights that help push research forward. They’re also ready to help research move closer to a more inclusive landscape from a DE&I perspective.

Below the surface, there is still so much more to these Pharma-Advocacy partnerships. For example:

  • Increased patient retention/interest rates
  • Mitigating site engagement risk with higher patient engagement
  • A sense of community with patients who are more likely to engage with the process
  • Connections to key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals
  • Regional rollout insights
  • Pipeline planning

One of the keys to a more fruitful partnership is engaging the right groups at the right stage of the process. We say the earlier the better! Building trust and developing a relationship takes time.

Advocacy groups have so much knowledge on what makes a more inclusive protocol. So if you’re bringing them in after your protocol has been approved, there’s impact left on the table. Advocates are ready to share insights that can guide your protocol design, and even earlier than that, your pipeline planning.

If you are a Pharma leader looking to add new countries for a study, advocacy groups are ready to share out! Their expertise can help with feasibility and site selection. They also know the local context you’ll need to deliver a more seamless global rollout. Let the local patient experts guide you.

An exciting part of our Leapcure journey is working with advocacy leaders all over the world. Most of all, supporting their growing role in research over the last decade.

To learn more about our partners and how they improve research outcomes, reach out to us at

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