An Invitation to Support Queer Voices All Year Long

When we closed out pride month, though excited to share our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, something didn’t sit right with us. It feels like there’s more to say.

Advocacy isn’t meant to fit in a convenient one month only celebration. It’s meant to bring attention to areas that need real change. And the expectation should be that we make that change happen.

So we want to push this one step further and invite you to join us in the change making. As we close out the summer of 2022, we want to highlight three things you and your business can do for the queer community, whether you are in clinical research or not. Starting today, pledge to align with LGBTQ+ communities beyond pride month and be part of the movement.

Create Space

When it comes to research, data is essential. It’s the foundation to creating an understanding on any condition or patient population. We have to make an intentional shift to properly include every human.

We can’t continue to have a system that eliminates queer people from the equation. It holds research back and plays into a harmful narrative that queer visibility isn’t important. Sadly, many fear this step may hurt their business.

We implore you to push past this illusion of a barrier and to simply establish the truth: that there’s space for everyone. 

Build Trust

If your data is inclusive, the next step is to check that you are as well. For too long, companies have profited off of the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve seen the pride month logos that go back into storage as soon as July begins.

It’s really time, especially now, to ensure that your space is worthy of trust from the queer community. 

Support, Don’t Stigmatize

Information should be a way for research to unlock new treatments and to create new paths toward real equity. Not to fuel a negative opinion or to deprioritize a community of people.

We live in such a quick-to-react social media centered culture. It’s very easy to misuse and misunderstand information for political gain. Commit to not only sidestepping this approach, but to counter with tangible, helpful resources and assistance to queer communities impacted by anything that affects them at higher rates.

We’re excited to hear from you and see you join in this effort to truly make this world a more inclusive and safe place.

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