4 Best Practices to Help Your Brain Live Its Best Life!

Ever wonder how you can make your brain work better outside of proper sleep hygiene, eating healthy, and keeping active?  Well we have 4 super easy tips you can start this World Brain Day that are sure to make your brain happy!

1) Get a Routine

Remember when you were learning to drive and every single move – switching gears, foot on the break, signaling – all felt like major moves? But after a few months, you could probably drift over to your workplace or to go grocery shopping without so much as remembering how you got there.

This is because your brain has logged this routine. The same movements no longer require the intense need to focus because it’s all memory. 

When it comes to sleep, the key is to stick with that routine as best as you can.  The same bedtime and same wake time, whatever that looks like for you, is going to have your brain ready to take on the day.

If you disrupt this routine with a night out or have a new baby serving up wake ups every 2 hours, the results are not so great for productivity.

2) Organize

Organizing has gotten a real Hollywood makeover these last few years, am I right? What used to belong to Type A people (who unfairly get a bad rap by the way… ahem) is now an exciting and fun home improvement activity.

But there’s science behind how organizing improves your brain energy! Sticking to a specific “every item has a home” policy means you never have to spend the time searching.

You likely have a system in your kitchen where glasses go in one cabinet and the plates go in another. Apply this same system everywhere and you’ll never have to go hunting for things.  Which, if you have ever misplaced your keys, are pretty certain to put you in a poor headspace.

3) Plan Ahead

When you do your food shopping for the week what’s your plan? Chances are you write down a list. That’s because while the brain is the best at storage, it’ll never really be great at holding onto everything all at once.

Finding ways to offload those things are the best. Why? For one you won’t be as likely to forget something. But more importantly, because you have a plan, you will actually spend less mental energy stressing about whatever it is you need to do.

Packing up your gym bag the night before or having a spare umbrella in your car are examples of staying a step ahead. Even planning to plan is the best way to stay ahead.

Make lists and note taking part of your every move and you are sure to feel better while accomplishing more. 

4) Take a Break

The brain is so smart, you know? It does all this work and yet will not function fully if you refuse to give it time to rest.

Daydreams, music, dancing – any “mindless” activity that lets you be free from heavy thinking is going to let your brain take the back seat. Some may see this as counter productive, but actually the rested brain can act with more clarity and accuracy.

This is an essential note to working professionals. Trying to “power through” long and mentally intense days are not good for proper brain health and ultimately will have you in the fast lane to burn out town.

So go easy on yourself this World Brain Day and find ways to show some love to your hard working noggin!

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