Happy Pride Month from Leapcure!

This Pride Month we’re excited to celebrate LGBTQIA+ communities, help raise awareness for the continued need for equality, and take time to reflect on how society can better protect individuals against negative experiences relating to their identity. 

At Leapcure, we have a will and an obligation to look at LGBTQIA+ experiences through the lens of health and research; we pledge to not just do this on occasions like Pride Month, but make this a year-round commitment. 

It’s well recorded that representation in research is unequal from many Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion perspectives; LGBTQIA+ communities are one of the underrepresented communities for a myriad of reasons. A significant reason is that historically, discrimination has been a recurring experience for individuals, depleting trust and comfort with the health and research spaces. Rebuilding this trust will take a holistic effort: from clinical trial redesign, to education, and more simply – just open conversations. 

We’re uniquely positioned to be able to learn from patients who identify as LGBTQIA+, to understand their specific opinions of (and experience with) clinical research. If we can elevate these voices to reshape research for these communities, we can hopefully begin to close the representation gap. 

Although Pride Month is about reflecting, raising awareness, and identifying areas where society can do better, it’s also about just celebrating the community. So, Happy Pride Month from Leapcure! 

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