A New (Growing) Chapter of Advocacy is Here

Advocacy is all about making sure patient communities are being heard, listened to, and understood for the purpose of making their experience better. Since we launched, Leapcure has had the privilege of partnering with over 4,000 advocacy groups. Our partnerships have been wide ranging – from huge national and international organizations to passionate leaders running smaller, more local communities.

While we continue to seek the counsel of those who know the patients best, the tides have changed a bit.  We are seeing more caregivers, more patients, and more medical personnel choosing the path of advocacy.  We’re seeing a trend, both in the Leapcure team and with advocacy leaders, that this work is personal.  Advocacy means something different to everyone, but there’s a common direction we’re all headed.

To continue our commitment of partnering with so many incredible voices, we’ve grown our advocacy team.  This marks a new chapter in our work – and one that we are proud to double down on.

Expanding our team means we can expand our understanding of how to best serve patients.  We can collect way more insights, identify trends faster, and plug that right into a clinical trial. 

This new chapter of advocacy partnerships at Leapcure is going to be the most exciting one yet!  Are you an advocacy leader, looking to plug into a network?  We would love to hear from you! Comment or message us on LinkedIn.

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