How the War in Ukraine affects Clinical Research Around the World

The latest numbers from the war in Ukraine are staggering: 13 million displaced, thousands killed and Russia continues its assault on eastern and southern Ukraine. Compounding this is the current food and energy crisis that is gripping the world due to this war. A little-known effect of this conflict has been the impact on clinical research in Ukraine.

According to reports, more than 250 Phase 2/Phase 3 clinical trials were planned to occur in Ukraine that are no longer happening. There are some clinical trials that are continuing to administer interventions and monitor patients through the war. While we recognize the flexibility of some pharmaceutical companies who are adapting to the situation in Ukraine, this war is causing a health crisis that is preventing potential investigational treatments from reaching the hands of the most vulnerable populations in Ukraine such as those with cancer, rare diseases, COVID-19 and other conditions.

We at Leapcure are saddened by the effects of this war on all levels and are committed to helping clinical trials move forward to support the movement toward treatments that can be shared with the world and with the Ukrainian people. We wish for a speedy end to this war and to resume important clinical research in the country as soon as possible.


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