The Importance of Advocacy for Caregivers

Caring for a patient is a true commitment and one that often goes without recognition.  We talk a lot about amplifying the voices of patients in research, but an extension of the patient is the friend or family member that provides support.  Shouldn’t caregivers be given support as well?

A lot of times caregivers may not even think to seek out support or self-care for themselves.  And even as they juggle medical appointments, administering medication, and even communicating with other family members, caregivers continue to serve, fueled by their love.

But sacrificing time, resources, and emotional energy can all take a toll and there’s no shame in seeking out some help.  After all, you’ve heard the saying:  You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Organizations like Family Caregiver’s Alliance provide a catalog of resources to support caregivers in any way that serves best.  Whether that’s connecting folks to local communities, offering guidance and knowledge for specific indications, vetting and directing families towards additional care options, or even being a source of encouragement. 

Dedicating this Caregiver’s Bill of Rights to all the caregivers out there who are demonstrating their love in the most selfless way possible.  For more information on improving the quality of life for a patient you’re caring for, check out

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