Leapcure’s Advocacy Coffee Project

Patient Advocacy Group leaders are real heroes.  Some create a space for patients to process their journey, others create more awareness or fundraising.  Advocacy leaders are event planners, cheerleaders, meeting facilitators and sometimes even survivors themselves.  They sacrifice their time and energy for causes that they are fiercely passionate about.

At Leapcure we’ve always worked to give patients a voice but we realized that aiding patients can go even further.  We sought a way to empower the people who know their patient populations best and who understand what it really takes to help patients in practical ways. 

Our monthly Advocacy Coffee Project is a space designed to build a community of leaders.  And our mission is to build a network where anyone who supports patients can go for resources, support, and everything in between.

Once a month, our group meets virtually for conversation around a book or podcast that directly pertains to the world of advocacy.  It’s meant to spark conversation, connect everyone, and ultimately create a place where those who are supporting regularly can be the ones feeling support.

This month’s meeting discussion was inspired by Trey Gowdy’s book, Doesn’t Hurt to Ask, which explains how asking questions can help build stronger connections.  Advocacy leaders shared how we are conduits for information, adapting this simple communication strategy can really help get a better understanding of their communities.

And starting this week, advocacy leaders can keep the conversation going between coffee meetings in the Advocacy Coffee Project Facebook Group.

We appreciate all the awesome leaders who are out there doing the heavy lifting!  If you’re wanting to join a monthly Advocacy Coffee Project meeting and get connected with like-minded folks, please reach out to our team at rebekah@leapcure.com.

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