Stepping up our Curiosity – Leapcure Core Values next step

A fascinating part of my job is guiding Leapcure’s Core Values. It’s a gift to be able to express internally and externally what decision-making ethos we put out into the world. When we first developed our Core Values it felt like something of an abstract exercise, but it’s since evolved into this beautiful and intentional process of guiding Leapcure decisions as we scale. If you can’t tell, it’s been a priority of mine to try to hold Leapcure’s Core Values in high regard as a framework for how we manage behavior and identify the best way to grow.

With all of that said, today we’re making the decision to adapt one of our stated Core Values. We’re changing the way we state our Curiosity value:

Curiosity: To continuously drive for results we need to seek understanding from a place of empathy and curiosity. Whether it’s patients, community leadership, study teams, sponsors or fellow Leapcure teammates, seeking a better understanding of people’s starting points and their “why” illuminates opportunities to make a difference at a human level.

As a company we’re figuring things out about our business daily, and what we’re finding is that the words behind our Core Values mean something. There are moments where framing the importance of how we show up, how we’re curious, can enable the way people interact together, how we truly reach each other. Curiosity extends to everyone we work with and it’s often connected directly to the progress we make as an organization. We look forward to aligning with this lens of curiosity with our other Core Values and expressing our curiosity more fully in our world.

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