Maternal Mental Health Week

Mental health has seen increased visibility in public conversation in the last decade – which is a positive step towards a more robust, accessible and empathetic health system for those with mental health conditions. There is still a significant way to go globally, to implement the right preventive and supportive interventions. 

This Maternal Mental Health Month, we want to raise awareness for parents who face one/some of the many conditions on the spectrum of mental health indications – from generalized anxiety, to postnatal depression. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shed yet more light on just how widespread the mental health crisis still is, whilst also exacerbating conditions due to the increased stress, anxiety and isolation caused by the virus itself, and the necessary social measures rolled out.

According to the Global Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (GAMMH), ‘worldwide, maternal depression is the most common serious health complication of maternity’, and ‘mental health problems in pregnancy and following childbirth are roughly twice as common in low income countries as they are in high income countries.’  There is no country that is untouched by this, so global action is needed.
If you are a mother looking for support or information, GAMMH can direct you to a support and advocacy group in your country.

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