Earth Day : There is no such thing as a small action

Each year on April 22, the world takes a day to appreciate our home, planet Earth.

Earth Day began over 40 years ago, when a Wisconsin senator called for an “environmental teach-in” for the youth of the United States. 

It’s a perfect moment for being aware of our deep correlation with what our environment is and how we interact with it. Even if we can´t see the effects of our actions it’s true that our individual behaviors impact the earth, the ocean, and every person who lives on this planet.

At this point there is no small action that can be considered too small to affect positively or negatively .That’s why it seems so interesting the checklist that the University of Minnesota shares from their Whole Systems Healing site a Personal Action Checklist  you can download to keep track of the commitments you can start making to the wellbeing of the environment and yourself.

The quality of our environment can improve or worsen health situations. Because of the interdependent nature of our relationship with the planet. For example, it is well known the effect of air pollution can contribute to respiratory and heart disease and how water contamination leads to infectious diseases among others.

Our homes and our families are essential starting points for protecting the earth. We can take the time to think about where our trash goes, how we use energy, and how we use water in our own homes.

From Leapcure we want to encourage people to be aware of the impact on health and well-being of maintaining harmony with the environment of which we are part, but above all to take action and that the care of the earth is not a matter of a day.

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