Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the world’s most common neurological disorders. In many countries, it is the leading cause of non-traumatic disability in young adults. Multiple sclerosis is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). In MS , the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body.

There are now 2.8 million people worldwide who have multiple sclerosis .That means every 5 minutes, someone, somewhere in the world is diagnosed with MS.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is diagnosed on the basis of clinical findings and supporting evidence from ancillary tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain and spinal cord and cerebrospinal fluid examination. Early diagnosis is important because there is growing evidence that early intervention is useful.

Most organizations that support patients with this condition have the vision of improving the quality of life of people affected by MS and to support better understanding of the treatment.

The approach to this disease often requires a multidisciplinary team that considers not only the diagnosis and treatment but also the quality of life of the patient from a global point of view, which includes close people and caregivers. An example of this is the video of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America that explains how to integrate the practice of “Mindfulness” for people living with this condition as a way to add balance and calm to daily life.

Information about the resources available to support people with MS is often lacking.So it helps use all the opportunities to share  the possible contributions to the affected patients.

From Leapcure, in our continuous desire to improve the possibilities of patients, we not only promote the knowledge of this condition but, to the extent of our capabilities, we work so that there is access to clinical studies that seek better treatments.

Online resources: 

National Alliance for Caregiving

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