World Storytelling Day (March 20th)

As a child I remember having fond memories of story time, whether it be a bedtime story, scary camping stories, or the stories of my life before I could remember. There is a certain joy, a childlike atmosphere to storytelling; letting your imagination take over, seeing each individual, the landscape, or the event as it would take place. Feeling like you are present in the moment. 

For me, storytelling is not only for childhood joy it is also a very important part of growing up, sharing experiences, and entertainment. March 20th is World Storytelling Day, a day to share with others. Tell any story in any language to friends and family. Be present in the moment and remember the importance of storytelling, the impact it has on others and your own mental status. One way Leapcure has been encouraging storytelling is through virtual clubhouse meetings. If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet, it is a neat app that provided a space for people to talk, share insights, and tell a story! 

For Leapcure, advocating for patients is a priority and an important part of advocating for yourself is knowing what questions to ask and learning from other’s experiences.In that sense, storytelling is a great tool to reach more people, who feel identified and are willing to advocate for themselves and for others. Why reinvent the wheel when someone has already done it. For the Clubhouse meetings that Leapcure hosts it is all about patients’ stories from Mental Health, COVID-19, and Rare Diseases. The goal is to create a safe space for people to share their experiences helping others connect knowing that they are not alone. It is a great space to listen, learn, and ask questions. As a nurse I enjoy listening to the conversation and hearing the stories, gaining a new perspective of empathy and patience. 

Keep a lookout for our Clubhouse rooms to come!


World Storytelling Day (20th March)

What Makes Storytelling So Effective For Learning? – Harvard Business Publishing

Why Storytelling is Important

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