Leapcure’s Three Pillars of Clinical Trial Recruitment

If you work in clinical research, you know that one of the most difficult parts is enrolling a sufficient number of patients into a clinical trial. Beyond finding patients that are diagnosed with a potentially rare condition, there are inclusion and exclusion criteria that can narrow the field of eligible patients much further – sometimes down to a few hundred across the whole country!

Clinical trials rely on sites to recruit from their patient populations. But sites can overestimate their enrollments, causing studies to go over in timelines and budgets. That’s where external recruitment comes in. 

Leapcure has “three pillars” that are all necessary to make external patient recruitment successful. A study team that is missing one of these pillars will find they aren’t getting an efficient patient cost per enrollment.

  1. Broad Outreach: We launch with a broad range of Patient Advocacy, Influencer, and Digital channels so that we can find the community of patients that are going to enroll in your study. Once we find the channels that actually enroll the best, we double-, triple-, and quadruple down so that our media is spent on what’s proven to work.
  2. Behavioral Screening: We screen patients on a spectrum of both likelihood to be eligible and likelihood to be interested in enrolling. Our patients not only match clinical trial criteria, but they are more engaged and willing to follow through than patients you find through your clinical trial site.
  3. Patient Success: We follow up with patients within 24 hours to prepare them for their initial screening and to confirm the best ways to get a hold of them. We provide a warm handoff with site coordinators and make sure they are able and willing to receive our patients. Once a site has shown that they are good at scheduling and enrolling patients, we increase the amount of patients we send their way.

Once we have all three of these components in place, we are able to recruit the most engaged patients, from the best channels, and send them to the sites most likely to schedule and enroll.

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