Our challenges and opportunities – looking back from 1/20/21 (anagram day!)

Leapcure was started in 2015 because Clinical Trials were designed without anticipating behaviors. Patient advocacy groups were too often on the outside of the study planning process. Researcher burden was frequently an afterthought. The patient experience came last. When we accompany our CRO clients in bid defenses, we still go in hoping for the last 5 minutes of time at the end of a 3 hour RFP response. There’s still so much work to be done to center clinical trials around patients.

One of the most important drivers of our quality of life globally is our clinical trials. While consumer technology can build communities, listen to users and anticipate needs so seamlessly – clinical trials suffer with outreach capabilities that are decades behind.

Leapcure has done something about this. Specifically, we’ve saved 60 years of research loss, millions of pharma spend and improved our health knowledge across 42 countries for billions by helping connect patients in a more empathic service model. 

There are also exciting changes to come soon. 2020 gave us a lens of how quickly clinical trials can be run if your energy and resources can be aligned to put patient lives first. We’ve always been able to initiate personalized recruitment on demand and use a registry model to save millions in media strategy (in addition to saving researchers 75% of the time usually spent on enrollment). We were fortunate enough to work on some incredible studies in the past year where we could push the limits of clinical trials last year. We’re eager to push further in 2021 and beyond.

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