Passing of Spencer Sims

Spencer Sims (furthest to the left) and the Leapcure co-founding team on Day 1 of 500 Startups

I am deeply saddened to share the passing of Spencer Sims. Spencer was one of Leapcure’s original co-founders. He helped us create Leapcure from nothing and played a key role for us when we went from just an idea to a company.

Spencer was a loving, caring, passionate person. He was a challenger. He encouraged us all to grow and to see different perspectives.  There was rarely a dull moment around Spencer and we shared some amazing memories as we worked to get Leapcure off the ground.

I feel incredible loss today, personally and for society. Loss of a fearless leader, a brilliant mind, and a beautiful soul. I’m still in a bit of shock.

Thank you Spencer, for the time we had together and for how you’ve helped change lives like mine for the better.

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