2020 and Beyond for Leapcure

It’s 2020 and February 29th will finally mark Leapcure’s first birthday (we launched February 29, 2016). It’s a great milestone personally and for the business. We’ve more than survived, we’ve thrived, particularly as our business has expanded our approach and ability to see how to empower all of the different players in the space to contribute to better research. In some respects, we’ve come a long way, in others we’re still at the beginning of an exciting journey.

Reporting automation and Enrollment based AI are the key milestones we’ll deliver from a technical perspective in 2020. Where we are going further has to do with how researchers work with advocacy groups/health influencers holistically before, during and after clinical trials. Connecting advocacy has helped us make incredible strides for clinical trials, changing the game for where people begin their research process. Our ability to enhance these connections and build future connection will pave the way for our future.

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