What do the SATs have in common with site engagement?

auditorium benches chairs class
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When taking SATs (for US university admissions) any questions responded to that are incorrect remove points from your score. For clinical trial site engagement, referrals work the same way. Every referral sent to a site that isn’t a fit for that study reduces the likelihood of sites enrolling on time. 

This is why Leapcure is truly a different approach to patient recruitment. The advantage of sites using Leapcure is the difference between 50 incorrect referrals and 9 incorrect referrals for each enrollment. The more you need recruitment or the larger your recruitment goal, the greater the challenge. It’s a big reason why Leapcure sites end up enrolling at four times the efficiency of any other services or standalone tactics. 

Additionally, sites are able to give referrals more attention with Leapcure, as the average Leapcure site updates patients daily while giving Leapcure an average Net Promoter Score of 9 (Net Promoter Score is a 1-10 scoring of each site coordinator’s willingness to refer our service to a friend or colleague).

This is why Leapcure goes beyond mining databases for qualified referrals, but to advocacy groups that are overfilled with patients currently seeking out clinical trials. When patient advocacy groups are incorporated into recruitment reach rate improves, scheduling rates improve, enrollment rates improve and the cycle continues with improvement to site performance.

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