Our New Capabilities to Broaden the Patient Voice in Research

We’ve Rolled Out an Enhanced Portfolio of Patient Engagement Services

Adding patient engagement processes to improve clinical trial participation rates

We’re excited to unveil today our updated portfolio of services to help clinical teams utilize valuable patient insights for the successful recruitment, enrollment, and sustained engagement of patients in clinical studies. Specifically, our enhancements center on some of the biggest challenges facing Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations, and Investigator Sites, incorporating the patient voice to inform early development in the areas of public awareness, clinical feasibility, site selection, and recruitment

We’ve added over 200 new Patient Advocacy Partnerships this past month. Our reach for public awareness efforts now exceeds 3,500 health organizations, representing millions of patient voices. This unprecedented level of access to patient networks and health influencers is unique in the industry, increasing engagement between patients and researchers. 

Our protocol-level feasibility services have been enhanced to assess if a clinical trial’s goals are achievable and within budget in order to:

  • Align site selection with study design 
  • Assess and minimize study burden for patients
  • Determine availability of study population

In regard to site selection, many clinical teams limit their consideration to site surveys, with only cursory recruitment planning. We incorporate recruitment viability, delivering the best experience for patients and forwarding sites that will be effective recruitment partners. 

Our latest milestones demonstrate how effective our approach is in:

  • Pinpointing and engaging the most active patient communities, averaging a 10:1 refer to enroll ratio – five times more efficient than other recruitment offerings, such as traditional media buys and standalone social media ads that are as burdensome as 50:1.  
  • Patient and researcher communications strategies that absorb patient feedback, maintain trust and inform expectations for study participation. 
  • Conducting recruitment campaigns with accurately forecasted media budgets and performance results. Clinical teams see an average savings of 75 percent on recruitment tactics due to our ability to utilize real-time patient and site feedback to target outreach.  

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