How Leapcure keeps research budget friendly

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When it comes to pricing our services for each project we take different factors into consideration. We look at the protocol, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and condition type to see what kind of pricing would fit for the recruitment needs. We want to ensure that we can find you the right patients and give you the best price possible. When assessing the project we also take into consideration how much risk we can take on ourselves. We look at how many patients we can bring in for the study and the ratio for how many of those patients will be randomized. This allows us to put ourselves in the researcher’s position and understand their point of view on the recruitment process.

Our team looks at the type of condition, its frequency of diagnosis, and the specific criteria for the study in order to know which patient advocacy groups (PAGs) to reach. Depending on these factors we can target different PAGs at various media price points. We also take into consideration the diagnosed population size that we would be targeting for the study. We tailor our tactics so that they are best suited for your specific study. This portion of our services is called feasibility.

Once feasibility is started and we get communities on board we use our social media ads to target patients for the study. The feedback we get from the ads and community campaigns allow us to properly retarget towards areas that will bring you the best patients. This allows us to stay within your media budget and to make sure we are not wasting money on areas where no patients are flowing in.

Our goal for researchers is to make sure that we the right patients to keep costs within budget. Contact us today if you would like more details or a demo of how our services will work for your study and budget.

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