A Study Coordinator View on Recruitment


When I was a study coordinator there was a lot to juggle — from patient visits, to protocol amendments, to monitoring visits, to the all important patient recruitment. At the end of the day, no patients means no study to conduct. I found one of the most helpful modalities for recruitment was being sent candidates through a service such as Leapcure. Having patients already prescreened helped me focus on high quality patients who had already expressed interest in the study. The system wasn’t flawless though, as I often needed to spend extra time additionally screening the referrals and many didn’t ultimately qualify. At Leapcure, we go the extra mile to contact potential participants once they have answered a preliminary list of questions in order to further screen them. This helps ensure the highest quality referrals to sites. We offer the personalized touch of a call from our Outreach Coordinator to review the inclusion and exclusion criteria with candidates and to explain where they are in the process. This human contact helps engage patients and can increase not only the screening rate, but also ultimately, the study enrollment rate.

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