Unexpected Benefits

Among the most unexpected benefits from working for Leapcure are the stories and lessons we hear from people around the industry. When we started this operation, we knew a solution like ours was sorely needed. We couldn’t find anything like Leapcure when we were looking to pay for it (and we would have paid a lot). What we know now is that the process of making clinical trials simple for patients and productive for researchers has further reaching implications than we ever realized. These contributions from friends in our industry help us focus on technologies that will improve the patient experience and patient outcomes.

Where we’ve learned to focus:

  1. Patient engagement technology needs to be more simple for physicians to adopt
  2. Better patient reported outcome data needs to be captured (and caretaker focused technology is a major part of this)
  3. Cutting screen fail rates further reduces significant operating inefficiencies

While we knew each of these were important and we’ve already made strides during our first pilots, we were only scratching the surface. As we approach one year since our product launch, I’d like to thank everyone out there who has taken the time to contribute to our cause. It has certainly given us greater purpose and focus. Thanks to the generosity and support from so many people we’ve met, we can all look forward to exciting additions to Leapcure’s technologies in 2017 that will further address each of these areas.

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