Running a patient powered business

At Leapcure, we are a patient powered business. The value we deliver to patients and feedback loop we receive from patients is what makes our technology and our operation possible. Patient engagement is the core of our business, it’s often interesting, sometimes humbling, and always deeply satisfying. We’ve come to embrace an evolved approach to make the most of our opportunity and accelerate research.

Treat every piece of feedback with importance, as it forces incremental change

Any insight we uncover can have a profound impact on the speed at which we can support research participants and every line of data clarifies our insights. We try our best to structure our data infrastructure to obtain patient interaction data and anticipate decisions we can make to improve their experiences.

Be diligent about capturing the data behind the data behind the data


In Lean Six Sigma, this is the equivalent of root cause analysis or “Five Whys”. For us, it’s not just a timely analytical tool, it’s the way that we have to do business on a daily basis. The premise of our product is to put ourselves in position to gather patient feedback with every business interaction we have, and learn more about how research can work better for individual patients.

Create an unrelenting culture of rapidly testing assumptions

Even in the health and life sciences industry where iteration can’t always be rapid and instantaneous (for us, it’s important to have a good IRB even if you wait a little longer), we feel responsible for challenging assumptions as soon as possible. Assumptions could range from marketing messages for different indications to what biotech clients can do with our data models. We act confident with the information that we know, but need to stay determined to uncover more findings about what we don’t yet know. The faster we learn, the better we serve patients.

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